Be a maker and
make everything


are those who try to make their ideas come true。It represents the spirit of thingking big and acting big. It also indicates the coming of a new era.

「Tsinghua University Makerspace」

Technological Innovation Association in Tsinghua Founded in Sep.2013

Focus on maker training and project incubation


Low technical barriers

「Tsinghua University Makerspace」 trys to lower the technical barriers as much as possible and lets everybody to experience the joy of creating.

「Tsinghua University Makerspace」 has over 1000 registered members now and one third of them are from none engineering background.


Combine technology and design together

We believe makers need to have basic knowledge of design. Only when we put design thinking into everyday life can we make beautiful projects.

「Tsinghua University Makerspace」 trys to combine design thinking in routine training.


multiple activities

We think true makers should not work behind closed doors. Communication can generate idea spark. That's why we try hard to hold all kinds of events and competitions.

「Tsinghua University Makerspace」 has held over 100 events and there were over 4000 people attended, covering people on campus and off.

「Tsinghua University Makerspace」 Routine Events

Skill Training

Teach a basic skill every friday night
Programming, Electronics, Mechanics, Design


We made a design tool for brainstorming
Gather the team's wisdom
Generate the best idea

Guest Sharing

We will invite guests to share
Expand the students' horizon


Makerathon every semester
Make your project and win the prize


Letter Back from Prime Minister Li Keqiang

Prime Minister Li Keqiang wrote back to Tsinghua Makers on the Youth Day. He admired our work in maker movement and encourage us to enrich the culture of maker and sow the seeds of maker culture in greater scope.

Click to see the repot in Chinese government's website.